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Realign Your Practice Coaching

In this 12 month transformation program we will realign your vision, culture, team & systems to achieve increased production rates & better work life balance. 

Clear Aligner Coaching

This 6 month coaching package will help you master team goal setting, training, and implementation of efficient processes, systems, and a workplace culture that will bring the practice to its full potential.

High Performance Coaching

1:1 Private High Potential Coaching Sessions providing you with powerful support to take action toward your most important goals. 

Is Opportunity Walking Out Of Your Practice?

If you are not fully utilizing your clear aligners systems, there are production dollars and excellent patient experiences walking out of your door every day. By systemizing your practice and training your team possesses the power to stop missed opportunity from walking out the door.

I can train your team to be high performing clear aligner experts that can take the burden off of your shoulders and provide your patients with an incredible experience.


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1. Realign Your Vision

We will get clear on your practice’s vision, mission, values and goals to ensure that your entire coaching experience is designed to accelerate the achievement of fulfilling your unique business vision. 

2. Realign your culture

Create a powerful and purposeful culture to allow your practice, team, and YOU to thrive. You deserve to enjoy your work life and family! Create a culture that helps you have more joy and less stress every day! 

3. Realign your team

Your team is the foundation for your success in your practice! Realign your team to your vision, goals, mission, and see the success of your practice flourish with a happier team, happier patients, and higher production! 

4. Realign your systems

If you want to achieve something once - set a goal. If you want continued success - create systems! Set the systems in your practice for repetitive, consistent, and easy success! 


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