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Are you maximizing your performance?

Take your business, team, and self to the next level with the training you need.

High Performance Executive Coaching

High-Performance Coaching for doctors to stay on their A-game as leaders and business owners. 

Clear Aligner Coaching

Custom programs to train, enhance and empower your team to take over your systems and be experts in your practice.

Instagram Marketing & Video Training

How to optimize your Instagram, run promotions and use internal and external marketing like a pro! 

Speaking & Training

Allison helps dental professionals streamline efficiencies to increase both patient and practice satisfaction and health through her dental speaking and coaching programs.

Is Opportunity Walking Out Of Your Practice?

Most practices do not utilize the potential of their clear aligners. Every single day there are production dollars and excellent patient experiences walking out the door. By systemizing your practice and training your team you can stop the missed opportunity from walking out the door and provide the patients the experience they are looking for.

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Under-Utilized Potential and Talent

Do you want to train and grow your team but can't seem to find the time? I can help train your team to be high performing clear aligner experts that can take the burden off of your shoulders and provide your patients with an incredible experience without you needing to do the heavy lifting. 

Gain insight on how to operate your practice, your clear aligner systems and LIFE at a high performance level. 


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I Am Here to Help 

My name is Allison Lacoursiere I am an innovator in Clear Aligner Operations and the creator of the Clear Aligner Systemization methodology.

As the founder of Clear Coaching I am an expert in Clear Aligner Systems and helping Dentists streamline their efficiency and increase their production. I have a decade of dental experience, am a member AADOM, a certified Registered and Orthodontic Dental Assistant as well as, Dental Office Management through the University of Toronto. I am also a certified professional coach through IPEC and a member of the International Coaches Federation.I am passionate about helping any dental office struggling with not enough time, disorganization or inefficiency to better train and delegate amongst their team to improve their office culture and  increase their revenues.


"Allison is a fantastic coach! She not only made me feel heard, but truly helped me to think through some challenging situations in an open and empathetic way. I'd certainly choose to have Allison as my coach again!"

Nicole. K

"I found Allison's approach very genuine and inspiring; allowing me to enhancec my focus and direction. She helped me clarify my personal and business goals and provided me with tools on how to navigate the highs and lows of owning a business. I would highly recommend Allison to anyone looking for an incredible coach to help build their business. "

Alexis. M

"Allison is a wonderful coach! She had an amazing ability to help you zero in on your true goals. She listens attentively and guides you through the coaching process with great skill and patience. Her demeanor is soothing and reassuring, even as she gently pushes you to be the best possible version of yourself. A great coach whom I highly recommend!"

Professional Coach

"Allison is a very compassionate coach who listens deeply, sensitively, and actively. She also exudes positive energy, which inspired and motivated me during our coaching. Allison coached me around the goal of selling my house. She helped me maintain perspective and focus. Allison's coaching is sparked with caring, thoughtfulness, and perception. I highly recommend Allison as a coach who will help you move forward with your goals and dreams."

Deb Pourali
Professional Coach

"Professional, empathetic, motivating, sensitive, accountable, encouraging, disciplined; Allison has all the right attributes of a life coach. If you are looking to take your goals to the next level, Allison has the tools to get you there. Equally, if you are lost and looking to start somewhere, Allison will ask the right questions to get you thinking about what you want and how you will achieve it. And while you’re on your way to reaching these goals, she’ll make sure you take time to enjoy the journey along the way. With Allison’s help, I’ve seen myself flourish personally and professionally in every.single.area of my life. "

Amanda. B

"Allison is passionate about seeing her clients succeed. Working with her has helped me find clarity, develop my skills, take action and exponentially grow in my businesses and personally. If you are looking to level up any area of your life - Allison can help make that happen. I recommend booking a call with her today and open the door to amazing results!"

Cary, K

"Allison’s compassion and empathy illustrate her genuine desire to help her clients become aligned with their goals and values. She’s an active listener and cares deeply about their success. The one-on-one coaching has kept me empowered, motivated and accountable to myself. Allison has helped me find clarity on my vision and my goals and she has helped me develop my skills, both personally and professionally. Her attitude and energy are amazing - I just love working with her!!"

Christina. D

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