Are you Missing Opportunity To Educate and Treat Your Patients? 

Most practices do not utilize the potential of their clear aligners. Every single day there are production dollars and excellent patient experiences walking out the door. By systemizing your practice and training your team you can stop the missed opportunity from walking out the door. 

Under Utilized Potential and Talent

Your team wants to learn and grow and bring their best gifts- most practices never get to see the gifts their team members can bring to the practice. It is wasted potential right under your nose. 

Get the insight on how to train your team, fulfill your opportunities and take on more clear aligner cases. 


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I Am Here to Help 

My name is Allison Lacoursiere I am an innovator in Clear Aligner Operations and the creator of the Clear Aligner Systemization methodology. As the founder of Clear Coaching I am an expert in Clear Aligner Systems and helping Dentists streamline their efficiency and increase their production. I have a decade of dental experience, am a member AADOM, a certified Registered and Orthodontic Dental Assistant as well as, Dental Office Management through the University of Toronto. I am also a certified professional coach through IPEC and a member of the International Coaches Federation.I am passionate about helping any dental office struggling with not enough time, disorganization or inefficiency to better train and delegate amongst their team to improve their office culture and  increase their revenues.


Complimentary Strategy Call

Hop on a strategy call to find out how to increase your clear aligner starts, train and delegate your team and build an incredible practice with clear aligners .

Clear Aligner Team Coaching & Training

From starting clear aligners from scratch in your practice to optimizing the systems you have - all programs are customizable to each practice. 

Clear Aligner Leader Development

The RDA and RDH are really the clear aligner heroes in the practice. Custom programs to train, enhance and empower your team to take over your systems and be experts in your practice.

Promotions, Marketing, Social Media

How to drive excitement, start promotions and build awareness within your organization to get more case starts. 

"Allison is a fantastic coach! She not only made me feel heard, but truly helped me to think through some challenging situations in an open and empathetic way. I'd certainly choose to have Allison as my coach again!"

Nicole. K

"I found Allison's approach very genuine and inspiring; allowing me to enhancec my focus and direction. She helped me clarify my personal and business goals and provided me with tools on how to navigate the highs and lows of owning a business. I would highly recommend Allison to anyone looking for an incredible coach to help build their business. "

Alexis. M

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